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Finally easing back into sewing


I am thrilled to say that I’m finally starting to sew again. It’s Sunday, but our little community is frozen and the roads are covered with snow and a thin sheet of ice, so there’s no way I’m even attempting to go out to attend church. What’s hilarious is that we only got a few inches of snow, but it’s so icy too. My daughter is still sleeping (which is unheard of, she’s usually awake by 7:00 a.m.) I think, sewing would be a great way to spend a few hours, don’t you?

Even though I have not been sewing, I have been staying in the mix thanks to the lovely sewing inspired blogs I read. I’m also a member of a few forums and some Facebook pages. Mimi G’s posts normally catch my eye.

Mimi G Valentines Dress Tutorial

Mimi G – Valentine’s Day Dress Tutorial


Take for example, her recent post about the red hot dress. You can purchase Red hot dress aka Valentines’ Day Dress tutorial (.pdf pattern and instructions) for $12.99. Well, she had me at red, since I adore that color. We also have similar tastes when it comes to how we dress. Also, she’s short just like me. I’m 5′, I’m unsure how short she is. Her figure is similar to mine. However, I’m a bit more muscular than she is. Her recent post has inspired me to create a cute maxi dress for myself. I won’t make my neckline as low, but I’m keeping those sleeves. I love them.


  1. Q – She had me at red too! What a beautiful dress. Can’t wait to see you modeling your finished project!


    ThreadLover Reply:

    Thanks, I’m starting on another dress sometime this weekend. I’ll be wearing that to the banquet.
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  2. I bet that feels good to be sewing! I know I miss it when I’m away. And that dress looks pretty-I love red too.


    ThreadLover Reply:

    Indeed it does. I don’t wear too many dresses, but I do love them. 🙂
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