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Drum carders and Hybrids… I have a Toyota Prius!


Drum carders have been on my radar since a few months after purchasing my Kromski Sonata (which I’ve named Ruth) spinning wheel, which I named Ruth. I bought her last February. Since the carder is most definitely a ‘want’ I put that item on the back burner, however, within the next few months, I’ll be turning that want into a reality and so I’m back to researching drum carders again. Eventually, I will be selling some of the fleeces that I do process and I’m thinking a medium sized drum carder would suit me well. No rush, I’m still looking.

2003 Toyota Prius – Stock Photo

My non-fiber related share is that that last Thursday, I purchased a Toyota Prius. The used car dealer brought it by the house. He let me take it for a test drive while he waited at the house. My goodness is it quiet. I can’t hear this vehicle when it’s running. Needless to say, he left our home without that Prius. He’d brought another person with him in case I purchased the vehicle. After he left, I went online and a few clicks later and I had insurance for my ‘new to me’ vehicle and about five minutes later, I placed another call to him to share the insurance information. Why? He’d offered to pick up the tags for me if I wanted him to. Wasn’t that nice? I did.  Since this was purchased at a used car dealership, it has been inspected. Do you what’s even more amazing? I’ve been waiting for a used Prius for about two years. It was something I’ve been praying about, but refused to jump at other opportunities. Of course I did my research, on my Prius, and researched it’s history and it checks out fine.

Don’t get me started on the mileage I’m receiving. In my Ford Expedition, 12 miles regular driving and perhaps 18 miles per gallon on the highway! Yes, that hurt. With the Prius? I’m currently I’m averaging 41 miles per gallon and on the high 51 miles per gallon. It only holds 9.9 gallons of gas and uses gas and electric. I’m definitely loving this hybrid and when I do have to purchase another vehicle (which hopefully won’t be for years down the road) it’ll most likely be another hybrid and yes… next month, I’ll start saving for my next car. By the time I need another (Lord willing years down the road) the funds will be there, just like this time. Ants and honeybees are my favorite insects, as a child, I would observe them for long periods of time as they went about performing their tasks. I was always impressed with their work ethic and it’s something I determined I would emulate. I had wonderful examples with my parents. Which brings to mind the following verse…

6 Go to the ant, O sluggard,
Observe her ways and be wise,

7 Which, having no chief,
Officer or ruler,

8 Prepares her food in the summer
And gathers her provision in the harvest.
Proverbs 6:6-8
New American Standard Bible

But back to my ‘new to me vehicle.’ It’s a 2003 Toyota Prius. That’s the first generation, second generation was produced in 2004. This car has only two owners, and they were maintained well.  This car does has 142, 000 miles. The mileage doesn’t phase me. High mileage is something that I’m seeing with a lot of Prius users and while I knew a a bit about them before, since acquiring one for myself I’ve done a lot of research as I do with anything. I’m not phased. I’ve read a lot about Prius’s and one thing they are known for is their mileage. That’s the first generation. And while I’ve always purchased used cars and have always paid for them in full. I dislike debt, and so I don’t have any. I must say that this is the oldest car that I have purchased and I love my Toyota Prius.

Oh by the way, I’ve named my Prius Naomi. I don’t usually name items. In fact, this is only the second item I named. The first being my Kromski Sonata, which I called… Ruth.


  1. Enjoy Naomi!!! Glad that purchase worked out so well for you and that dealer KNOWS customer service!


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    Nicky, Indeed he does and my daughter and I are planning on doing that. We’ll be taking a few road trips soon.
    Opal @ThreadLover recently posted…Superfine merino, yak and silk for hand-knit socks… what’s not to love?


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