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Cleaning Mohair, Spinning and Knitting


About three weeks ago, I started on a new project. Knitting a test knit poncho. Initially, I was going to use alpaca… but I had recently purchased some raw mohair that I really liked and I thought the shimmer and the halo effect that mohair possess would look amazing with this poncho.


Three weeks later, and I’m finally knitting. Yes… it really DID take three weeks to get the mohair ready to knit. I had to clean the mohair, card, pick out tiny bits of vegetable matter and spin. It gets better…

Last Friday, the knitting designer sent out an email reminding everyone that we were at the halfway mark for this knitting project and to let her know if there were any issues. None for me, since I hadn’t even begun knitting. I had finished spinning and was in the process of dyeing all the handspun mohair yarn. Once I finished dyeing my handspun mohair yarn…


WIP Mohair Poncho

WIP Mohair Poncho

I started knitting on Monday evening.

WIP Mohair Poncho

WIP Mohair Poncho

and I’m thrilled to say that I’m at the halfway mark. I have not had a chance to devote too much time to knitting, however, I AM a fast knitter. I can’t wait until this is finished. It’s incredibly warm. Mohair is warmer than wool.

In other news…

When I need a break from the above project, I will create a hat or perhaps a cowl that uses beads. I’ve included two videos below.


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