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Tombow refillOk, this is not a cloth related post. This post has to do with paper crafting.

Yesterday afternoon, I found myself working on paper crafts and top on my “to do” list was making cards/envelopes.

A few weeks ago, the BF and I recently decided to send each other hand written letters. We both think it’s romantic and it does take more effort than texting and talking to each other on the phone… because of this I’m making “boyfriend themed” cards also. Thus far, he seems to like the effort. Of course, his notes are written on simple lined paper, but I’m not complaining. I’m just touched that he thinks enough of me to honor my request.

I had intentions of making birthday cards and Christmas cards; however, I stopped after I had made two cards/envelopes? Why? I  ran out of my Tombow Mono Dot Pattern Adhesive Runner Refill.

3M Scotch Pink Advanced Tape Glider And Tape

3M Scotch Pink Advanced Tape Glider And Tape

I guess I COULD use my 3M Scotch Pink Advanced Tape Glider; however, I don’t like it that much. I’m guessing it’s user error based on the amount of people I see raving about this particular gun and so I guess I’ll watch a few videos and see what I’m doing wrong.

Simple card I made for my BF

Simple card I made for my BF

This is an extremely simple card that I made for my BF. I really need to invest in some good markers and so I’m finally going to break down and purchase a Copic Marker set.

Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set

Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set

I’m looking at the above set. They’re a bit pricey… $136 for 36 markers; however, they’re worth it and they are refillable! I will be sure to hide these markers from my daughter. She’s a talented artist, but I’ve already purchased several art sets for her.


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