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Any excuse to sew; Making bags for our board games


The past few weeks, I have not done too much sewing. However, it hasn’t stopped me from participating on a few secret sewing forums that I’m a member with on Facebook.

It didn’t stop me from dreaming about the clothes that I’d sew when I did have time. Until then, I’ll satisfy myself with small projects like the bias tape that I created last weekend.

My next project will be “game bags” for our board games.

Sorry Board Game

First up is Sorry. I ordered this last week, and my daughter and I have had a lot of fun playing this game. As a child, it was one of my favorite “no-brainer” games. The only thing lacking from the game is a proper cover. I think if the cardboard box, that houses the game is protected, it will wear better after constant use. It makes sense, right?

Jenga board game

Jenga board game

Second, I’ll make a cover for Jenga! Yesterday, my vintage Jenga arrived in the mail. It was a brand-new unopened game that was made in 1986 by Milton Bradley! After my daughter’s homework was done, we had a lot of fun playing the game. Of course, that needs a bag sewn for it also.

My daughter told me, “Mom, you should embroider the name of the game on the outside of the bag.” I smiled and told her I was thinking the exact same thing.

Googling, making bags for my board games, didn’t show me any cute bags that others had made for their games. Could I be alone in my desire to cover our board games? I should hope not. However, even though I didn’t find any others that want to cover their games I did stumble upon this wonderful site that featured a  lovely bean bag checker game that was sewn! I will definitely have to make these for someone soon.

Since the checkerboard is made out of neatly cut squares, it’ll give me the perfect opportunity to try out my Shape cut Rulers by June Taylor. I received an update from Amazon, they have them in stock so I’ll get mine tomorrow. Just in time for my three-day weekend! Hooray!


  1. Q – Dang, games we had. I let the kids take the ones they wanted. My grandson LOVES Jenga. We play it when I visit them. He usually wins. LOL! Sounds as if that’s a great idea!


    Thread Lover Reply:

    Q, We’re restocking ours. We had a lot, but I did give a lot away a few years ago. We both were in our crafting mode so we focused on that. My daughter still loves to craft, but now she wants breaks and so board games are the answer!

    A few moments ago, I ordered another game. It’s called Hedbanz, we played it when we went on her class camping trip. I went along as a parent chaperone. It should be arriving on Saturday! We just got finished playing Sorry! Before that, we were playing Jenga! Games are so much fun! She has told me she wants to learn how to play chess, and so I’ll be getting that.

    Oh, she loves the Bean Bag checkers, so perhaps that’s a crafting/gaming project we can work on together. It’ll give her a chance to sew fiddly pieces. She has her own sewing machine (my year old sewing/embroidery machine that I gave her when I upgraded to an embroidery only machine) set up in her room.
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