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Adding finishing touches to my daughter’s dress…


I’m thrilled to say that my daughter’s dress ensemble is finished.

Coverstitch_2 12.6.14

I used my Coverstitch machine to finish the hem. I’m sewing through the fabric and horsehair braid.

I decided to secure the hem (where the horsehair braid is attached) with my Brother 2340 CV Coverstitch machine. I love this machine!

Edgestitch_1 12.6.14

Understitch- stitching close to the seam on the lining/facing side of the fabric.

The bodice has a lining and I decided it would be a good idea to understitch on the lining/facing side of the fabric.

I can’t wait to show you an up close and personal look at my daughter’s outfit, but I can’t right now since she’s at our Lutheran Church’s Middle School dance. I will say that she was all smiles when the outfit was completed.


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