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A machine embroidered quilt


For the past several months, I’ve been mulling over the idea of making a quilt. I’m not new to quilt making, I have made them before. I do have a specific type of quilt that I want to make in mind… a machine embroidered quilt! Think about it, this will give me an opportunity to use my embroidery machine a bit more.

I decided on a creeptacular theme. Too bad, I didn’t start sewing on this earlier, right? If I had, it might have been ready in time for Halloween. I’ve already chosen the theme, creepy critters will be scattered about the quilt panels, with the center block having a very large and elaborate quilt design.

Embroidery.Creepy Doll_1 10.30.14


Take a look at the above embroidered panel. It’s a sample I created in October. As with all my embroidered items, I made note of the threads used and will be sure to stitch it out, within the exact colors, again.  The above design came from Urban Threads. They have similar designs as the one featured above, and I’ve happily stitched out a few. I have a feeling that many of their designs will find their way onto my quilt. I love their site! I won’t even tell you how many embroidered designs I’ve purchased from there.

I’m definitely familiar with quilt making, having make several for my Lutheran church. In fact, the quilting ladies were thrilled to see me. I was the youngest member. In fact the ladies constantly lamented how that young ladies my age had no desire to indulge in hand crafts. I’m not all that young, I’m 44, but they are all in their late 60s and above, with the oldest quilter being 94! To them, I was still a baby!

The only thing left to do, is decide on the fabric colors, choose all the embroidered designs that I want to include and of course… start sewing and embroidering.


Urban Threads – Voodoo Doll

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