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A good day to dye


Early this afternoon, I actually dyed some of my handspun yarn. It’s the first time I’ve dyed yarn and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve dyed anything.

Wilton's Dye gel

I used Wilton’s Icing colors. Yep, it’s food dye!

Wilton Dye handspun yarn_1 3.31.16

Since I was unsure how things would go, I used some of my early handspun yarn. If you look closely, you’ll see overspun and underspun areas on the four skeins that I dyed.

Wilton Dye handspun yarn_2 3.31.16

This one is my favorite. It’s not a lot of handspun yarn so this might be added to the blanket that I’m planning to weave this fall.

Wilton Dye handspun yarn_4 3.31.16

I thought this one could have had a bit more yellow. However, it was bright and colorful, which is just the look that I was trying to achieve. This might get added to that woven blanket also.

Wilton Dye handspun yarn_5 3.31.16

This dyed skein was a bit more muted. My daughter said this reminded her of the Jade forest in World of Warcraft, the Pandaria area. She hasn’t played that game in months. Video games, are usually something saved for colder weather and even then play time is limited since there is so many fun things to do.

Wilton Dye handspun yarn_3 3.31.16

I like how the ripple effect of colors on part of this skein.

I used a variety of dyeing techniques. I used the crockpot, stovetop and the woodstove. I didn’t take pictures of them on the woodstove or the stovetop; however, I will do that the next time I dye, which might be tomorrow.

Merino Wool_1 3.31.16

Here’s some of my merino combed top roving. It’s 17.5 microns. It’s incredibly soft.

Wilton Dye Merino Wool_2 3.31.16

I used the crockpot method to dye this, isn’t it pretty? The only thing left to do, is toss it into a lingerie bag and use the spin cycle ONLY on my washer. Ok… there is another step. I will be spinning this yarn, so after it’s dry, I’m turning this into a skein of supersoft handspun yarn.




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