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More sock knitting…


I think this yarn is lovely. The colors make me think of Van Gogh’s painting, Starry Night Over the Rhone.

Yes, these are more socks. Two at a time, toe-up. My cast on was 32 stitches (divided between two needles) per sock. I ended with 56. Originally, I was going to go up to 62, but measuring against my foot, that would have been to big. Since I’m only using one yarn ball, these will be mismatched… which I adore. It’s sock weight merino yarn and I’m using my Hiya Hiya Sharp fixed circular needles, size 0.


No pattern is being used. I’ll make it up as I go. I already have an idea of the design I want to incorporate within these socks. By the time these are completed, I’m guessing I will have knit about 47,000 stitches? Or… perhaps a bit more. 🤔The completed socks will be able to be worn in almost any shoe.

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